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This is my commission info journal, I'll keep updating this entry with new samples/styles/whatever I come up with!

Sketches: Rough lines and some hints of color. Size: 1500 x 2000 (pixels) Price: 6 USD or 600 points (+ 3 USD or 300 points for additional character)

Chibis / SDd
: Big-headed characters in anime/manga style. Regular lining and neater coloring. Size: 1500 x 2000 (pixels) Price: 8 USD or 800 points (+ 4 USD or 400 points for additional character)

Sketches with 3-or-4-colors-palette: Slightly cleaner lines and slightly neater coloring. A selection of 3 or 4 colors is chosen by the commissioner to be used on the picture (black and white should not be included in the palette, as they will definitely be used).  Size: 1900 x 2500 (pixels) Price: 8 USD or 800 points (+ 4 USD or 400 points for additional character)

Headshots: Regular lining and neater coloring for headshots. Size: 2500 x 2500 (pixels) Price: 12 USD or 1200 points (11 USD or 1100 points for Black and White)  (+ 5 USD or 500 points for additional character)

Half-bodies: Regular lining and neater coloring for half-bodies. Size: A4 Price: 15 USD or 1500 points (14 USD or 1400 points for Black and White)  (+ 7 USD or 700 points for additional character)

Full-bodies: Regular lining and neater coloring for full-bodies. Size: A4 Price: 18 USD or 1800 points (17 USD or 1700 points for Black and White)  (+ 8 USD or 800 points for additional character)
(Full Resolution of the first sample)

Digital watercolor : Regular lining and watercolory coloring. Size: 2500 x 2500 (headshot), A4 (half-body), A4 (full-body) Price: 12 USD or 1200 points (headshot) (+ 6 USD or 600 points for additional character), 15 USD or 1500 points (half-body) (+ 7 USD or 700 points for additional character)18 USD or 1800 points (full-body)  (+ 8 USD or 800 points for additional character)

(Some of the samples are out-dated, if you have any specific request artstyle-wise, please make sure to mention it in the form).
If you're interested on commissioning me, please contact me through a note or DM/mention on Twitter.

Canvas sizes may vary according to the commissioner's wills.
Simple BGs included (solid color, abstract, simple shapes, pictures taken by myself that I find suitable may be used as well)
Specific and detailed BGs should be negotiated.

Commission form:
Comission Type: (Sketch / Chibi / "Upgraded" Sketch / Headshot / Half-body / Full-body / Digital watercolor)
Payment: (Paypal / dA Points)
Character name: (Name)
References: (The more, the better haha)
Is there anything you want me to consider about the character while I'm drawing her/him?
Anything artstyle-wise?
Any comments?
Naomi and Lorenzo by naomicchi-desu
Naomi and Lorenzo
(The bunny's name is Lorenzo, he's my mom's friend's bunny)
This is a experimental thingy
Still trying to figure out how to make it look better
[SoCB-R2] m e t a g a m e by naomicchi-desu
[SoCB-R2] m e t a g a m e
Hello guys!
I joined a group named Metagame (YouTube channel | Twitter account) for a competition called School of Chorus Battle (SoCB) and our song this time is "Haiboku no Shounen", by Kemu! All singers did their best and I loved the outcome! Unfortunately, one of our singers got sick recently and she couldn't record her part ;o;
Check out our entry here: Link to the video
Also, make sure to visit everyone's pages!
Juju: YT channel | Twitter
Kai: YT channel | Facebook page
Mai: YT channel | Twitter
Myio: YT channel | Twitter | aoki-myio 
Naomi: (me)
Ryu: YT channel | Twitter
Shao: YT channel | Twitter
Yukits: YT channel | Twitter
[DA-YOUKOSO] Michirun-run by naomicchi-desu
[DA-YOUKOSO] Michirun-run
This is for DA-Youkoso !

Yonao Michiru - 与猶 満ちる

Nickname: Michirun-run
Background: There wasn't a child as abnormal as Michiru where she used to be. What 8-year-old child declares that she would become a baker and actually follows through with practicing her ambitions? Michiru joined LEDA in 4th grade with the jeering of her former classmates in her head, and then she soon realize that there wasn't a child as normal as Michiru where Michiru was now. Her dream is simply to inherit her parents' bakery when she grows up and make it even better by making more people happy. Nothing more. As president of the "casual tea party club," she hopes to create a gentle and happy atmosphere for those who need time off to relax.

I can't think of any additional details for now (I know there're a handful of them, but my mind just went blank) :iconlazycryplz:
I'll update this description later!
Hello hello, how are you doing?
Um... Man, it's been so long that I don't even know where I should start...
  • Exchange Program to Japan
I'm sure I've mentioned about it on my "Happy New Year"s art, but for those who haven't heard of it yet, last semester I applied for an exchange program in Japan, starting in the next semester (somewhere around September and October). And I got accepted!! I finally have the chance to go to Japan!! I'll be staying there for an year (haha, if I do everything right, that is. I have to chase after all documents and materials to fly there without issues). I'm still at that dreamy state, in which I just can't believe it happened to me hahaha.
  • DA-Youkoso group
As you may know, Nyanfood (Nyan senpai) created a group called DA-Youkoso , and I'm very very excited about it because the concept is interesting and there're many people involved in it! I'm still finishing my design, so look forward to that too! haha
Feel free to watch the group for upcoming updates!
  • SoCB - Metagame group
As you could tell by one of the latest artworks I've uploaded, I joined a group called metagame for a competion (actually, we refer to it as a Chorus Battle) : SoCB. Basically, a bunch of animators, singers, mixers and artists make groups and battle against each other, based on visuals, vocals, mixing and much more (haha, I'm kinda new to it so I'm definitely not the most suitable person to describe it). We get to meet a lot of people and it's fun! Check out our channel here: Youtube channel
Also, we passed to the 2nd Round, so look forward to it!!

Also, I've been working on some other projects which are all related to real-life-stuff I do so I'm not sure if it's worth mentioning haha. I'll be working on some video editing, covers and such.

Oh well, I think that pretty much sums up what's been going on in my life~
Thank you for reading!


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